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Fill in the online form or download the form below, complete and email it to You can apply for a grant of between £50 and £500. If you find it hard to put all your thoughts down on paper, you can send us a video of your request, but this must cover all the questions on the application form in detail. 


You will need to think carefully about why you need this money and how it will make a difference to your success in your chosen field. If you are applying for funding to attend training, you will need to explain why this is the best place for you and represents value for your money. If you are applying for funding for clothing or equipment, you need to show proof that your costs are accurate and you have found the best price. 


The scholarship panel meets every three months. Deadlines for applications for each year are:

January 1st, April 1st, July 1st and October 1st.


You will be informed within 3 weeks of the deadline whether your application has been successful. 


All the panel members have specialist expertise in performing arts and/or education and training. Successful applicants may also be offered support through mentoring, advice sessions, access to networks etc. if appropriate. 

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What do you need funding for?

Thanks for submitting!


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