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Julian Al Cantara

An Honours graduate in Economics from Bristol University and a fluent Spanish speaker, Julian Alcantara has worked across many aspects of the film business for over 20 years.


A veteran of both Polygram Films and Universal Pictures, Julian ran the Universal Pictures’ international production and acquisitions arm, managing an extensive slate of over 25 films ranging from big budget studio projects to small Oscar-nominated foreign language films in addition to the release of all of Working Title’s films. 

In addition to the mainstream Western film industry, through his work as an independent producer and adviser, Julian has developed an in-depth knowledge of both the Indian and Chinese film industries and has also travelled and worked extensively in the Middle East, both in and outside the film arena.

He has been a keynote speaker and panellist at numerous film festivals and film industry events round the world and has also acted as adviser to the Shanghai International Film Festival and the Mumbai International Film Festival.


Julian is one of the founding partners of Random Character Pictures along with two-time Academy Award nominated producer of Star Wars, Gary Kurtz, and is  also a voting member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA).

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